Pi Makarov

Song 366: Just Because

Just because- so much expectation
Just because- a a anticipation
Just because- 7 broken mirrors
Just because- selfish validation

He seemed so lonely - oh yeah
He isolated - oh yeah
No soul he sold me- oh yeah
His trees are growing- oh yeah.

Just because- popular like a nosebleed
Just because- never had a real dream
Just because- death is what you make it
Just because- life is what becomes me…

Song 365: Anesthesia

Anesthesia, Anesthesia
How I’m always pleased to see you.
I’ve been broken; life just drones on
Wont you call to me with your sweet song..
Nah nah nah…

Given you everything
Given you all I love
Given you all I could sacrifice
But I need you always a little bit more

Anesthesia, Anesthesia
Wont you leave me here in the Ether.
Had a nightmare, now a daydream;
I took a pinprick; I too the Red Queen down
Down, down, down…

Song 364: I Should Have Kept My Eyes on You

I should’ve kept my eyes on you.
I should’ve known just what to do.
But you drew me in like a cigarette;
I should’ve kept my eyes on you.

You’re so full of color.
I need you.
Arrow-straight since you’ve known me.
My heart beats true.

I should’ve kept my eyes on you.
I should have known but what could I do?
Now I’ve come undone and you’ve had you’re fun;
I should’ve kept my eyes on you.

Song 363: Splinter of the Mind

Can’t think of nothing else but
The image in my mind.
I think of nothing else but
A whisper- my eyes wide…

Eye- my splinter mind
Why angel why?
My thoughts won die.

rerain: Yeah…

Song 362: Let Tomorrow Die

Let me fade away like the day breaks dawn.
Let me not remain - out of sight, out of thought.
Let me fade away like the setting sun.
Go on and betray while tomorrow dies
Inside every word we breath…

I can feel the nothing calling me.
Happiness and sad.
Go on turn off your want you think you need
So far away from me.
Like a kiss, like a smile on my face
Let me fade away…

Everything rises up like the twilight in me.
And everything speaks soft to the ending of me.

Song 361: Puppet Show

Fragile patient etherized
On a bed, on a table and you fantasize
Of a saint; of a savior not what you seem
Like the blackest of magic in the darkest of dreams
Let me go.

In a prison in your pocket
No you’ll never let me go
I’m a victim in a locket
In your private puppet show.
Electroshock and so sedated
But I thought I wouldn’t know
Got me hanging on forever
In your private puppet show.

Song 360: Seasons in the Sound

Everyday I open my eyes.
Everyday I hope and I rise.
Wasting away and under the skies
Everyday I openly hide.

Tearing the Old Baily down.
Maiden so fair and renown.
Tearing the old lady down.
Cuz I want to be found-
Hitch a ride underground…

My spont on a train
I’m sailing away
I want to stay
Seasons can change…

Song 359: Infectious Human Waste

Plastic eyes of green and red
Pulsating windows of your head
Has heaven come with garbage cans
And ziploc backs of vitamins?

Here we stand on our knees
Kill us all pretty please
Be the cure, we’re disease
Kill us all pretty please.

Democratic specimens
Of pestilence and presidents
Brainwave wipeouts and tv junkies
Voiceless gods and talking monkeys.

We are the infectious human waste.
We are the infected human race.

Song 358: Whisper

Whisper a name
And I’ll go and do the same
And then when we speak again
Know that the silence had meaning…

SIlent fools
Bite their tongues
And go play by the rules-
Hold their peace with their breath.